What is Matifoli.com?

Let me start with the message within the name. Matifoli (Ma-Tee-Foe-Lee) means Make Time For Life, and that message plays a role in every decision we make.Matifoli.com is all about communities and the fun things that happen within them. We call this recreation...and it's important!

Matifoli.com mimics the purpose of a bulletin board in a highly ergonomic, digital manner. Those of you that lived in small towns growing up will remember the times when you would walk down to the grocery store or post office and be met by a collage of advertisements and business cards on a bulletin board . It would be filled with all sorts of activities that people in the community were trying to promote. This concept has worked for years, so why not emulate it online.

Why is Matifoli.com special? Because finding and sharing activities will no longer be limited to the bulletin boards or social mediums that only locals or social circles will see. For the first time all information about fun, from the well known to the obscure, will be available for everyone. The best part is that our platform will connect every community in the world, so users will be able to find fun no matter where they are.

Those of you that think this idea is not new, you're right, but our goal is extremely different. Some more established sites may have similar platforms with sections like "things to do", but I can promise you that these sites will be tourism specific and generally limited to major city centers and well known activities. Matifoli.com opens it's doors to all cities and towns to share and promote all recreation no matter what the activity is. We believe the true identity of a community is so much more than what can be found on the surface. Often times the activities that are obscure are the ones that truly capture the essence of any given location; and that is why Matifoli.com is so important...we want people to see and experience the true community, not just the manufactured one.

Lastly, at MaTiFoLi.com we have a passion for finding the hidden gems, the parts unknown, the experiences that make life worth living. We believe that time is the most valuable asset any person can poses and we strongly encourage each and every one of you to get busy Making Time For Life!