6 Silly Things Couples Bicker About

1 Mar 2016 admin duties

Living with your partner can be an amazing experience. No trips back and forth from his to yours, he/she cooks for you ( or you get to cook for them bleh!!), always around to cuddle with, sharing your bed, hairbrush or that last slice of pizza. It all can be a wonderful feeling and a step forward in your relationship. But it is only when you live with that person twenty four seven, that you realize what a pain in the ass that person is! ( or you begin to love them in another level all together). Either ways, there are definitely certain habits or things that drive one another crazy. And when I mean crazy, not crazy stupid love kind of crazy, but really insane. And I am not even talking about the things that really matter- career, money or children. These are silly, crazy things with the minutest of details (or lack of it) that totally gets on your nerves. Here are six things that all the couples that live together fight about:

Sleep habits- Yes you are the one who loves to sleep and could sleep ten straight hours with no food but your partner is the bright, early ( and loud) birdie of the day who loves to wake up at eight on a Saturday morning, and nudge you, cuddle with you or do whatever to get you out of that bed! OH MY GOSH!!!

Bathroom etiquettes- Yes I am going there. I’ve heard almost All my ladies complain about the ‘aiming’ issue. It always reminds me of my college dorm bathroom stall that read “ If you sprinkle when you tinkle, please be neat and wipe the seat”. For Real though.

Who does the dishes?- Sure I love my husband for cooking and he is an amazing cook so really not a lot to complain. But why am I the only one doing the dishes every night???? Like I get the no-skill required boring job, while he ‘experiments’ with new delicious cuisines ( and gets all the credits too at the end of the night). I mean nobody tells me “wow the plates are shining, who washed them??” 

Netflix or not?- “What to watch?” “ But we always watch what you want!” “I want to just relax and watch a chick flick” “I am never watching another chick flick with you” and so it goes. You are bored with their ultimate passion about those gory, suspense movies and he is NEvEr going to sit and appreciate a nice, fun, Amy Schumer movie! 

Who touched the Thermostat?- Yes You like hot and he likes cold. and not even hot, come on, you gotta be comfortable in your house! You can’t walk with a coat on right? So you go and turn the air off. And he wakes up in the middle of the night sweating like a pig. So, we all know what you talk more about the next morning. Definitely what’s not on the newspaper or what you dreamt of!!! (ouch)

Where do we eat?- The ultimate fight you have is when you can’t decide what or where to eat. Of course when there are like fifty places to choose from, of course you can’t Always choose a good place! And yea,, I don’t want chinese, or Thai, or italian, or American, but I don’t want Pizza either ( insert sad face). 

Live-in relationships are wonderful, until you get out of the honeymoon phase-where you see past that “everything pretty, everything amazing” phase. But you know you love him or her nevertheless. Or all these help you figure that same person in a different perspective. Well if you are married, then you are stuck with it for the rest of your life dude! But If you are not fighting about these (stupid) things, then it would be too boring right?