Does Making Six digits equal happiness?

1 Mar 2016 admin duties



By no means am I going to preach about how money doesn’t give happiness, and happiness lies in the other, simpler things of life like love,passion,your innate desires, hobbies that become careers and so on. Who am I to tell you. I am a 24 year old trying her hands in the ocean of debits and credits, who isn’t sure if this is what she wants to do for the rest of her life. Sure I have dreams of having my own company with my name on the door some day, but who knows? Two years down the line, I might get bored with what I have aspired to become, and I could be searching for better prospects in another career?

The point is, I don’t know if I believe when people say do what you love and make it your career and you never have to work a single day of your life. I mean, I love to write but I am not one of those who is going to write a wonderful, soulful book, but then wait for a year or two to get a publisher to publish it, and wait for it to reach the masses, either to make me the sensational writer of the year, or drown myself in debt because I would have loaned so much to start this whole thing. Sure I have these innovative, contemporary ideas in interior design, fixer upper home projects, but I am not daring enough to quit my steady job, and plunge into a world of creativity, especially when I have worked with designer clients who are amazing at what they do but still have less than $500 in their bank account. Well, if you fast forward ten years, and when I have more money in my bank account than what I know what to do with, I may you know, just ‘invest’ my time and little cash into these creative ventures

Nevertheless, this makes me think, what actual happiness lies in. I saw this movie named Chef last night and it was about this guy who is a wonderful cook, and he starts his business on a food truck, and how he is incredible at his work, and he is driving from Miami to LA with his son, with stops in these cities where he just creates magic with his cuban sandwiches and New Orleans beignets and whatever he cooks really. He had this thrill in his eyes and happiness in his heart because he knew he was good at it and money didn’t even matter to him. Would I do such a thing? Where I don’t care so much about the green because I am having fun, and I am engrossed in something I absolutely love? The answer is, I don’t know. Or it’s too early for me to tell. But for now, I have all these travel plans around the world, from Cinque terri in Italy, to Male in Maldives, from Ice Land to Corsica, which I can’t fulfill with less than $500 in my bank. So guess what, I am going to stick to what I am doing right now, until these secret desires about other adventures in life and careers pull me towards them, and I can’t sit on my Accounting Associate chair looking at numbers anymore. 

Don’t even get me started on the celebrities and their source of income. Sometimes I wonder if I am in the wrong career. At least five different people have told me that they thought I was a Theater major in college. I don’t know if it is the way I speak, or tell stories, or what. In fact, I loved Theater and I did take three elective theater classes, which I absolutely loved. And by the way, I was the Baronness Schraider when we did Sound of Music musical way back in school! So, not that I didn’t have the prospects you know…..Anyways, if you can earn money by acting (which we do every day, come on, at work, with friends) then why aren’t we all doing it!!!??? I know I know it’s not just acting, but how you look, how you maintain yourself and a list of things you don’t eat or drink, the contacts you know, and all that drill. So, we are all here working our asses off in four years of college, internships, and finally landing a job, and that still pays not even one fourth of what these high school graduate actors make with just one movie or a commercial. I know I am being ridiculous. And I am not insinuating that these people don’t work as hard as we do, or they are not deserving of the net worth they are attached with. And of course they put their whole life is put out for the whole world to see, something I would never allow. So, all those six seven digits they make compensate for all the things they lose. But don’t you just wonder sometimes why these ‘entertainers’ make more than somebody who makes sure these same people are not paying too much in taxes, or who is defending them in court for their hit and run cases, or who work on certain organs of these movie stars for that utter perfection they desire. Well.. don’t I just wonder.

So unless you are aspiring to become this historic hollywood actor or you have stacks of cash buried in your backyard, don’t just plunge into whatever your heart desires, because guess what, all these passions and no work don’t pay the bills! Having said that, I want to do little bit of everything, you know, work as a server in a restaurant in the Carribbean, an accountant in an MNC, a zumba teacher in South America, and a primary school teacher at a school I will open in Nepal. But for now, I will just be happy to have a workstation at a firm which acknowledges the degree I have worked four years to achieve. So to answer my own question, no, just making six digits don’t give me happiness but I am no fool and I want those six digits to give me the time and means to see and achieve what gives me real happiness.

Sneha Subedee