Escape the Chaos-A Different Side of Vegas

1 Mar 2016 admin duties

We are all different…that may be the biggest understatement I have ever made. Some of us like country music, some like metal. Some like glitz and glamour, some like simplicity. And that is what makes life amazing, unique and interesting, because if we were all exactly the same, life would be awfully robotic.

Myself, I'm definitely introvert in nature…its very tough for me to let my guard down, especially in front of a new crowd. My idea of fun a lot of the times is living in my own head and coming up with new ideas or learning new things. I also love to get out of the rat race and escape into nature a little…too much chaos adds a certain level of discomfort to my life.

That being said, my wife and I had the privilege to travel to Las Vegas this year to attend my Cousin's wedding; those of you that are reading this that have been to Vegas know that it is basically the definition of organized chaos. There are so many people, so many lights, so many sounds, and simply so much of everything. The city is absolutely one of the craziest places I have ever been to...

…but I have to say, Old Vegas is one of the most unique party places in the world, so don’t miss it!

We stayed at Tahiti Village off the strip because we were there for a week and wanted somewhere with a kitchen; This place was gorgeous. Needless to say, being introverts, it was a perfect escape for us after a long day of adult anarchy.

One thing I always love to do is talk to locals and see what they would recommend doing in their community. Its always interesting to see what holds a special place in a locals heart. We usually ask for something a little off the beaten path. Cab drivers are always perfect for this…especially to avoid any awkward silence. Our first driver in Vegas was a man I would say was in his early 50's. He was a super nice man that had a very interesting but probably typical past of moving to the west coast to pursue a dream in acting that unfortunately fell through. We had a great conversation about Vegas and what it was like to live there and before we got out of the cab we asked him to suggest one thing that he would do if he was a first time visitor…he suggested jumping off the Stratosphere tower. This did not exactly work for us as I am a huge coward and afraid of heights, so we asked for another suggestion hoping for something that was on solid ground. He told us to go to Red Rock Canyon and hike Turtlehead Peak…a couple days later we did exactly that!

Red Rock canyon and all of its geological beauty is a spectacle that should not be missed, but I feel it often gets passed up on for the views of the other canyon near Vegas that I'm sure you have all heard of. The rolling hills of red with a scenic mountain backdrop is really something that can only be truly appreciated if you see it in person; pictures just don’t do it justice. There are numerous scenic lookouts and trails to experience; we tackled Turtlehead Peak because we were told the view was worth it by our hopefully reliable driver.

The trail is 5 miles round trip and is approximately 2000 ft up; so you are basically walking up 2000 ft in 2.5 miles so it is pretty demanding. On our travels up the peak we met a few people making their way back down and they made sure to pass on words of encouragement. "The view is so worth it" was pretty much echoed by all of them. One  amazing lady in her 60's or 70's was one that we won't ever forget. Climbing the peak had been on her bucket list for years and she finally did it…by herself! The total trip took her 8 hours. Her story was definitely inspiring for my wife and I…don’t ever give up on your dreams! It was such a refreshing story!

Back to the hike, the path wasn't marked that well…that or we were blind. Either way, we decided to wing it and go straight up the middle where it was nice and steep…needless to say, the legs and lungs were pretty tired by the time we reached the top.

Once at the top we were truly able to appreciate the words of encouragement we were told earlier; it was absolutely worth it. The 360 degree views were some of the greatest scenes I have experienced in my life…the view of Vegas definitely gave a very different perspective of the city of chaos.

It just seemed so quite from a distance. We stayed at the top and took in the views for about half an hour, signed the paper in the box at the top and started the trek down…which was much easier I might add!

We took the same direct line down as we did up which made it fun if not a little dangerous. Just a side note. there was a family that took a wrong turn down the mountain and didn’t realize until they were halfway down the wrong side and saw us going the other way…if you're reading this, I hope you guys made it back in one piece!


The hike took us approximately 4 hours…luckily it wasn’t too hot that day. Once in the car we got to drive out of the park through the winding streets while taking in the spectacular views; it really was a great way to cap off a day that was not at all a typical day in Vegas. Typical doesn’t matter though, the important thing is that we Made Time For our version of life!

ps. If you do this hike, make sure you take lots of water!