How to Add a Blog Post to

9 Feb 2016 admin duties

Blogging is great way to share information, review products or get something off your chest and with its extremely simple to be a guest blogger! is all about community, so what better way to express that than by allowing our users to share their writing talents? Follow these steps to start sharing your authentic views world:

1) Create an account by logging in with facebook or clicking the sign up button and following the prompts.

2) Login to your account and click the "My Matifoli" tab located in the site menu.

3) Under the "My Matifoli" tab, Click "My Blog" followed by the "Add Blog" button.

4) From this section you can create a title, add content and identify keywords. Subject matter should be relevant to recreation, life, community  & experiences.

5)Once finished, select the "Publish" box and submit your post. Once submitted, your post will be reviewed by admin within 24 hours and if deemed acceptable and free from copy written content your post will be published and shared with the world. Feel free to link back to your site, have links within texts etc!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at and we will gladly do our best to help!

Looking forward to reading your content!