How to Easily Find Similar Music

1 Mar 2016 admin duties




For most of us music plays a huge roll in our lives. We use it to entertain ourselves, to heal, to relieve anxieties or fears, to get us angry before the big game or to calm us down after being upset. If you ever question how powerful music is, try watching a horror movie like Halloween without it, or a sappy romance like The Notebook without it; these movie just wouldn’t have the same affect without the musical scores behind it. One more movie that comes to mind is Jaws…with out those simple notes, there would be no anticipation of fear, no build up to the head rolling out of the boat….I digress. What I'm trying to say is that Music is one of the most powerful entities on the planet and can essentially define a person and in many cases, an entire culture.

Since music is so important, I thought I'd share a few ways I like to find music similar to my tastes to listen to. Before we move on, I have to say that if you or someone you know is a musician, please share any shows here! Its Free.

First, we all have our own preference in musical style, whether it be rock, hip hop or country, they are all important! The problem is that there is so much music out there that a lot of talent slips through the cracks. All three of the websites I use to find new music are well know, and they work perfectly together!

The first is Youtube! Almost every musician these days has something up on youtube, the website is huge, and for good reason. What I usually do is type in a style of music that I want to listen to and filter it down to playlists other users have created or click on the prearranged playlists Youtube has set up for you. Both of these features are amazing for introducing you to new artists. You can type in keywords, bands, styles, instruments and much more and see what Youtube comes up with! Right now this is my go to playlist for sitting in front of the computer working!

The second amazing resource for new sounds is Spotify. This app is a highly detailed, up to date powerhouse that can introduce you to your new favourite artist on a daily basis. You can select genre's or moods and see where it takes you. You can also set up your own playlists. This is truly an amazing piece of modern day luxury that can go anywhere you have wifi…or if you purchase premium, wifi isn’t even necessary!

The last amazing site I use is This site has information on basically every artist and band you can possibly think of. You can get bios, song samples and concert info, but in my eyes, those aren't the best features to the site. The absolute essential tool to find new music is to use their similar artists feature. Once you click on this feature your eyes will be opened up to an array of artists ranging for very similar to not so similar and everything in-between. You can use their built in feature for listening to music but I prefer to go through those artists, copy their name and post it into youtube and see what you like…it's amazing! You can honestly spend hours just sorting through music and really establish a greater sense of your musical tastes. Try this method out and let me know what you think!



An honourable mention is SoundHound app or whatever you apple/android users are using. These are song recognition programs that allow you to always find out the title of a song. The last time I remember using it was for this song….enjoy!