New Year, New Me Speech

1 Mar 2016 admin duties

New Year New me Speech?

Most of us have made that New year new me speech this yearn, but only we know how much we follow all the January 1st resolutions that our utterly drunk, highly optimistic and perfectionist selves made. But what is it that we want to see change this year? And I am not talking about the Big Fat wishes like a few hundred thousand dollars on your paycheck, to buy your first home, or have a six pack abs by this summer (you know all those ‘dreams’ which need maybe a few more new years to fulfill). I am talking about the day to day things that you see on television, in the train when you commute, in the grocery store (did the price of my favorite thai peppers go up again??) and so on. Here are my top things that I resolve to achieve or wish to see others achieve for me, (at least those which are not innately redundant, not offensive or highly critical)

1. I am just too tired of Trump on television and wish he didn’t speak. period. The fate of the elections might make me rethink my decision to live in this country, but for now, I just wish he stopped speaking.
2. Yes, call me too self absorbed but girls my age know and have seen it when they look in the mirror. Yes the forbidden age number.This year might be my year of starting the anti-age creams, wrinkle lifts .
3. This global warming is scaring me really. We all are rejoicing at the dry ground even in January, but we all know where we are headed with this. So, with a heavy heart, I wish for snow, or ‘normal’ cold weather so we don’t just skip to summer. God knows what will happen to this earth with all human craziness that’s going on. I would like to live until I’m 80 you know, and tell my grandchildren that there are four seasons in the world and not have them laugh their innocent, ignorant grandma.
4. This is a serious one. I want to wake up at 5 every morning. Not 6, not 6:30, NOT 7.30, but at 5. This is going to be my year to shine! And nobody shines with dark circles under their eyes and hair not made well. This is going to be my year to look and feel the best yet and I am not letting this excessive need to sleep get in my way.
5. Kale smoothie it is. I don’t believe in changing your entire diet and eating like a sick, eighty year old when I am twenty five-bland, no spices, no desserts, no carbs-all these suck the life out of me. I eat only salad and veggies one week, and the next week I am hogging on Chicken curry and rice and triple chocolate cheesecake. So, I am going to try the Kale Smoothie recipe for breakfast every morning. I was handed a brochure on my way to lunch from work one afternoon. I am still not sure if the guy handed it to me because he thought I ‘needed’ it, or he thought I looked like one of those prim and proper slim, slender girls who would make good use of it. Nonetheless, I am going to try it ( and this saves me from making breakfast, which would be just awesome)
6. I am not getting any younger now. Soon enough I won’t be able to keep up with all the late night shenanigans ( I am having trouble staying up after midnight already!), and the drinking will slowly get slower so this year, I just need to be ‘aware’ of all this, so that it’s not a shocker when it hits you somewhere down the line.
7. Take a chill pill. Work’s Always going to be there. You don’t need to kill yourself for it everyday. You need to do things that you enjoy more ( that does not always involve you just passing out in the couch with netflix and a huge bowl of popcorn and beer.) Maybe start hiking every week, paint, learn a dance , write more, read often, and reflect on your life every now and then. 

Yes I said it. My desires are not obnoxious or unattainable or too optimistic. I just need to be diligent and try to work towards it. What are you doing this new year? Because we all know we thought of some crazy, “I won’t be a phone addict” kind of resolutions as the Ball dropped!! Happy New Year 2016 and if you really Did make that resolution, May the Force be with You!


Author: Sneha Subedee