People or Places-What Makes a Community Special?

1 Mar 2016 admin duties

A Note: Thanks Mom for the photos from your facebook page! No copywrite I hope :)

What makes a community special? That is a question that I asked myself when I was in the process of coming up with Is it the people in the community or the activities within it that make it tick?  I think the answer to this question is easily answered by looking back at the experiences you have had in your own community and abroad. My guess is that when you think back on past experiences it will be pretty clear that most memories are created when you are in the presence of people that make you happy while also getting out and participating in activities that any community can offer.   

The best way I can explain this combination of people and activities is tell you about my parents retirement and subsequent move to one of Canada's beautiful east coast islands called Newfoundland. Newfoundland as explained by my cousin is a "big boys playground". It's rolling mountains and never-ending surplus of fresh water and ocean cliffs truly makes it one of Canada's most unique and unforgettable destinations. It is without a doubt a nature lovers paradise where you can go hiking, boating, fishing, hunting, whale watching, sight seeing and so much more. If none of those sound like your idea of fun, just sitting outside on a Muskoka chair enjoying the scenic views can do wonders at giving you a whole new perspective on life and the meaning behind it. If you're brave enough, snowmobiling on "The Rock" is a world-class experience as well, but the winters can sometimes look like a scene from that movie with Jake Gyllenhaal and Denis Quaid where the world essentially freezes to death; make sure you pack some warm clothes and drink lots of screech…when you're done sledding of course! I'm kidding, no one drinks that stuff, its terrible!

That being said, are all of the above mentioned activities the only things that make Newfoundland special? Definitely not! I could talk about how amazing Newfoundland's nature is all day long, but that's not the point I am making here. The point is that even though there are endless possibilities for fun at your doorstep, this fun is made that much better by being able to experience Newfoundland with the people that live there (Shout out to Stan & Marilyn, Frank and Vi and all of the other cod kissing, rum drinking Newfies that always know how to show a mainlander a good time). I can't tell you how many unique experiences I have had visiting my parents; the culture and the people in combination with the endless opportunities for fun really make it one of the most special places in the world. Most visitors will say that the memories they have of the extremely unique and contagious personalities of the locals are memories they won't soon forget; even if they only understood half of what the locals said on a sober night and about one tenth of what they said when drinking was involved. This island is so special that my wife and I got married on a catamaran called the Emm-Cat in a small town called Norris Point back in 2009. It was definitely an extremely unique version of a destination wedding, but it turned out to be a special time for most friends and family that were able to make the trek…even if a couple of them fell down the stairs!

The combo of people and places to visit truly make Newfoundland the world class destination it has become. I 100% feel that if the people on "The Rock" didn’t posses the uniqueness and charisma they do, Newfoundland would be just another place to visit, but the combination of extreme wilderness, fun and familiar strangers takes it to a whole other level! If you ever get the chance to visit "The Rock" do not pass it up! Now, what does this have to do with a website called Let me tell you. is all about finding and relaying information about the activities that are the true heartbeat of any community so people can go out and create memories. We are not only about the activities that can be found on the surface of any tourism site on the web, we are about sharing the information that genuinely makes a community unique; what makes it tick. What makes it unforgettable.

The best way to describe is to compare it to a digital billboard that anyone can visit, at anytime, wearing whatever they want. We are there for people to not only spread the word about fun, but also make it extremely convenient to find fun! was created 100 percent with people and convenience at its core!

Most importantly, was created with the community in mind because I found that even though it was easy to find major tourist attractions or restaurants, finding the things that are a little off the beaten path can be a extremely difficult. Below is a brief description of how we are different from the rest!

  1. We are a niche site that focuses on everything recreation. We are not a hotel review site nor are we a business directory. We are a database for anything fun! Matifoli is in its infant stages so or goal is to grow together to make finding and participating in fun easy!
  2. Since Google is heavily integrated, our platform is available to the world right away! Any community, anywhere, any time!
  3. We are the only site that brings all recreation into one place. Until now, some sites list amusement parks and attractions while others list events and concerts. brings it all together for the ease of the search.
  4. Anyone can post an activity on! It was created with people and communities in mind. So if you need players for that pickup game or need participants for your youth group you can add the info. does not discriminate, Recreation comes in all different forms!
  5. is a free and extremely simple to use!
  6. Most importantly, our core goal is that people of all ages and demographics never forget to Make Time For Life!