Thanks for Biting Me While I was Saving Your Life

1 Mar 2016 admin duties


Ever have your fingers down a dogs throat? After today I can say I have, and it sucked!

It was a typical Saturday afternoon and I was getting some stuff done on the computer, just working away. Whenever I'm at the desk it never fails that our boy (dog) Kevin will not so subtlety remind me that its time to go out and enjoy life a little and take a break. He does this by jumping up on my lap and barking in my face…needless to say he has no manners. Also keep in mind that he is 80 pounds, so its not that pleasant either. Sometimes I listen to him, sometimes I ask him to get off me and to stop being a brat. Either way, he makes sure his presence is known and what his intentions are for the day's events.

This day it was already planned that we would go for a walk and go to a local open field to toss a ball around with him and his bro Hank (also a dog), so I eventually gave into his pleas for some fun. I pulled out a couple of the leashes that were still functional. Hank and Kev like to chew them, so our leash supply is slowly dwindling.

It goes without fail that Hank will grab one of the leashes and run around the house acting like a moron and whining…Kevin will simply sit patiently. I got the leashes on and walked out the door first grabbing a couple toys.

On the way to the park we were met by the welcoming barks of neighbourhood friends. I think they are all jealous of Hank and Kev for being allowed out on the town while they have to stay chained up or fenced in…I liken it to the scenes in prison movies when the free people are walking past the cells and all the prisoners are bitching a moaning.

We finally made it to the park and I was able to get a couple tosses in for the boys. This is by far their favourite past-time after sleep. It was very typical. Hank ran and got one of the balls while Kevin tried to keep up…luckily I had two so Kev didn’t feel left out. At this point I quickly learned that making time for life doesn’t always go as planned!

After one of the tosses Kevin was trying to hack something up so I went over to him and saw that he was choking on one of the balls! Let me start by saying that this was not a small ball, It was a pretty standard size, so the fact that he swallowed it was a little crazy.

I dropped everything, grabbed him and tried to give him the Heimlich manoeuvre to no avail…that ball was stuck. At this point his eyes were starting to bulge and turn red and he was foaming at the mouth…I was watching my dog slowly die and I thought I couldn’t do anything about it. It was a very helpless feeling.

I'm sure by this point you all know what's coming next….yes I stuck my giant hand down his throat and slowly but surely was able to dislodge the ball from its grasps….relief on both our parts. Kevin collapsed, I sat next to him, both of us silent…Hank being all supportive kept looking at me, his eyes saying "are you going to throw that ball or what buddy?". Good for some comedic relief after some very tense moments.

My pal was safe but scared. I was relieved but in pain from a couple chomps that Kevin kindly gave to me. I stood up, put their leashes on, looked at Kevin and said "Thanks for biting me while I was saving your life buddy". Then we walked home past the same barks as before.

Moral of the story is that making time for life doesn’t always play out the way you expect it to, but there may be a good story to tell after it's all said and done!

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