The Beauty of Pelee Island

1 Mar 2016 admin duties

Sitting pretty as the largest of the nine islands in the township of Pelee, Pelee Island captivates with all the glory it exudes. Located in the Western half of Lake Erie, the island is easily navigated by Ferry to and from the Canadian and United States mainland. Keeping to the script, the Pelee Island has been used as a winery and vineyard since time immemorial due to its milder climate, as compared with other inland locations.

Pelee Island provides a wide range of sceneries to explore for visitors. Swimming, fishing, diving, biking, walking, window shopping, to say but a few, you’ll be sure to enjoy the peace and tranquility so embedded in the cores of the Island. There are camping grounds to satisfy your camping needs as well as organized tours to take you around the prestigious Island.

Located to the northeast end of Pelee Island is an elegant lighthouse which is surrounded by water. It makes for a beautiful location for exotic photography and very rare wildlife viewing. The sight and sounds are breath-taking. The lighthouse Point Provincial Nature Reserve so named for the lighthouse is home to varieties of rare and exotic flora and fauna. The Island as a whole is an abode for one of the rarest habitats in the country. Also, birdwatchers will be greatly excited about the host of migratory birds that more often than not make routine stops on the Island.

Apart for its aesthetic values, Pelee Island is famous for its winemaking which sits well with a lot of enthusiasts and wine experts. The invaluable remains of the first commercial winery in Canada at the Vin Villa ruins also makes for an historic and important stop on Pelee Island.

From the walk or bike ride through the beautiful Island, to the appreciation of the natural embodiments and endowments of Pelee Island, so much can be said and painted. Only a visit would truly describe the values embedded therein. If you appreciate the aesthetic values of nature, natural habitats, wine, marine and a host of other recreational activities, then the Pelee Island should be your first stop in Ontario Canada. Don’t take my word for it, go see for yourself.