Top 5 Authentic Restaurants to Try in London Ontario

1 Mar 2016 admin duties


Getting out and exploring restaurants is by far one of my favourite things to do and London Ontario has some of the finest cuisine found anywhere. Get out and explore what london has to offer! Here are a couple of my picks.

Thai Cuisine

My wife and I have to say this is by far our favourite go to restaurant in town. Not only is the food amazing, the people that work there are great. We have become so close with Sue, the owner, and her family that we may be visiting Thailand with her for her sisters wedding in the spring. Do yourselves a favour and try this place, its great! Favourite dishes: Thai spicy noodle, coconut soup, basil fried rice, Pad Si Ew and many more!

Pita Pita

Ok, who doesn't love a good shawarma place? If you don’t know what a shawarma is you are definitely missing out on a great chance for some cultural tourism for your taste buds…I'm pretty sure my roommate and I lived off of them when we were in university. Pita Pita has recently gone through a reno and looks great. Their food and portions are amazing. This is a lunchtime staple for many in the city, try it out sometime! Favourite dishes: Chicken shawarma with lots of hummus, Fattoush Salad with Chicken, shawarma Plate


Patigonia Argentina

Casa Blanca

This gem is straight from Argentina. It's one of those places that you walk into and makes you feel like you're getting a true taste of what it's like to eat in their former country. If you like Spanish style dishes, this place won't disappoint. Give it a try! Favourite dishes: Any of their soups, Burrito, Chimichanga

Toboggan Brewery

This one might seem a little funny on this list but you can't argue with the fact that this place is authentic and loyal to its brand. Between the abundent selections of beer and their unique way of presenting them (on a small toboggan), this place is a must visit if you're a beer lover and can pack down some food too. I have to say walking in feels a little funny if you ever went to Jim Bob's in the past…it may bring back some memories, welcome or not! No matter what your memories are of the buildings' past life this is still a place that you can easily spend the whole night at. Favourite dishes: queso dip, stout beer, mac and cheese.

The Village Pantry

Who doesn't love little cozy restaurants with a small town diner feel? This place is located in Lambeth and has the art of creating a great breakfast mastered. There are a few places similar to this in town, but it never hurts to switch it up every once in a while. I can say that I have never eaten anything but breakfast here and after our first visit it became one of our favourite restaurants to wake up too. Favourite dishes: Toasted western with hash-brown potatoes, standard two egg breakfast special.