You Should Definitely Snap Chat That!

1 Mar 2016 admin duties

You know I wonder sometimes what I would do if I didn’t have a smart phone. Yaa yaa it hasn't been that long since we got into this techno savvy world, where almost everybody between the ages 16 to 60 owns a smartphone. I got swamped by this craze not too long ago, not the smartphone thing but using it non stop. And the five most used apps on my phone are snapchat,instagram,pinterest, facebook and viber. Lol. Its more thinking thenyou would assume. Like how many places do I change my profile picture in? Do I post this only on IG? or also on fb? Hold on, let me snapchat this to Natalie real quick. My significant other, who is facebook pro (lol old school) but doesn’t have a snapchat or IG or any other account, is always amazed at my dexterity with my phone. Sometimes I wonder if I didn’t have that intrinsic need to put every little thing on my snapchat story, or if I didn’t feel the urge to change my profile picture every time it hits 250 likes, what would my life be like? Would I still get all dolled up to go to that place to eat last weekend? would I still steal my friend’s fancy looking drink if I didn’t have to put it on Instagram? Would I buy new clothes or that other shade of magenta lip color? Or really do anything at all if I didn’t have to leave my house the whole weekend? I don’t know. 

The thing is, sometimes you spend hours and hours to groom yourself, make your hair, makeup you know the drill, and then go out, take a picture of the food first, then selfie with your friends, and then update it on social media, tag all the friends who are sitting right next to you, and they comment on the picture, and you ‘reply’ to their comments, and so on and so forth, All right there. Of course I do this so I am no saint telling you otherwise. And don’t get me wrong, we have a hell of a good time once that is all done with, and we actually start having our ‘talks’. But ever wonder how we would dress up, or even care to wash our hair, if we were just hanging out at a friends’ place, where no cameras or lighting flatter your face. Haha I have a friend who no matter where, as soon as we say ‘let’s take a picture’, she digs her bag and gets her lipstick out. Without fail. And no matter how she looks, with one flip of hair and a dab of color on the lips, she is ready for Any damn picture !! Phewww…

Of course it’s amazing when you have over thousand followers on instagram and you get 300 likes for each picture you post, you feel like you are a tiny celebrity and people look up to you and what not. And with all these updates, the world knows whether you gained weight, lost weight, went blonde or brunette, your relationship status so it’s a Win Win on both ends. But sometimes, these very flattering aspects of the deal exhaust you. Like you don’t look good, and you haven’t been to a good place to eat in ages, or you have a big tummy bulging out and you think it’s time to hit the gym but obviously that hasn’t happened yet, why don’t we see anything of these sorts on facebook? Are we all insecure about how we look? And this is not only for women, men, minus the makeup and the dire need to purchase a clothing every week, when it comes to looking good for the camera, they are no less. The only difference is that girls want to ‘post’ everything and guys, well, they only want you to post pictures where They look good. (loL or Idk if I am the only one who is surrounded by these kind of men). For a social butterfly like me who Has to be updated on the latest scoops, latest stories on my facebook page every time they appear, or all the snaps that I see all day long; Snapchat has me addicted to it the most. I post random stuff and you don’t have to care about how many people liked it, you see when people see it and that’s it. And you are in no pressure to look presentable because people are judging you and if you got only fifty likes on that one picture!! gosh that would be terrible!! ( Idk if guys do it, but we girls ask our besties to like our picture asap just to increase the number of thumbs up you know ;) 

To say the least, it’s a trap. Personally, without any social media I would be isolated so there is no way I am ever going to do without it. But With it, we are in that vicious cycle of watching others, liking their posts ( due to social pressure I’ve heard most people say, because they liked your picture so vice versa), posting your own updates, expecting people to like it, comment on it, that feeling of triumph and assurance, and once again watching others. It’s like an untold, undeclared competition which we are too afraid to lose. What a world we live in, where without telling the world what we are eating, we cannot enjoy that food, the umpteenth time I told my husband to hold his drink so that i can take a picture of it first. Or the Christmas lights I went to see were seen through the lenses of my camera before they were seen by my naked eye. I mean nothing wrong with anything, but just something to reflect on and realize what we have become.